How to choose cloned Nexiq usb link 2 for the best price & high quality?

Here, we’re talking about Nexiq usb link 2 China clone for good price and quality.

Nexiq usb link 2

How to choose a good cloned Nexiq usb link 1 or 2 and cables:

Item NO. Name Weight Bluetooth  Case packing  Hot Selling
SH27 Nexiq (clone) 1.7 No Yes ★★★★★
SH27-B Nexiq (clone) 1.7 No Cardboard box ★★★★★
SH27-W Nexiq (clone) 2.3 Yes Yes ★★★★★
SH72 NEXIQ-2 (clone) 1.5 No Plastic box ★★★★
SH72-1 NEXIQ-2 (clone) 1.5 Yes Plastic box ★★★★★
SH72-B NEXIQ-2 (clone) 1.5 No Cardboard box ★★★★
SH27-E VXTRUCKS (Red) 2.7 Yes Yes ★★★
SH27-E2 VXTRUCKS (Blue)  2.7 Yes Cardboard box ★★★
All Nexiq have the same functions, but they are produced in different factories. (quality differs)

sh27, sh27-b, sh27-w are the same things. The only difference lies in the package case, and sh27 is packed with a plastic case, sh27-b come with bluetooth functional and sh27-w with a good case packed and bluetooth supporting.


sh72 and sh72-1 are from the same factory, but the bluetooth is different and the one comes with a plastic case, the other without.

sh27-w and sh27-e2 share the same features, except the color of the unit.


Nexiq usb link Accessory:

Item NO. Name 
SH27-F Full Set Cables
SF71 PN 88890034 14 PIN for Volvo Adapter 
SF72 PN 403098 USB Cable
SF86 PN 448033 3 Pin Deutsch Adapter
SF70 PN 88890027 8 Pin for VOLVO/MACK Adapter
SF82 Komatsu Cable
SF78 PN448015 Caterpillar Cable
SF69 PN 444009 J1962 for GMC Truck W/CAT Engine
SF68 PN 448013 OBDII Adapter


Good to know:


Which cloned unit is the best quality?

The data talks…Here’s the most populous:

The Nexiq USB Link 2, part number 124032, is the most popular adapter used with commercial trucks, with all the cables such as the 9-pin, 6-pin, and OBDII cable setup.


What’s the difference between Nexiq 1 and 2?

Nexiq 1 is the past, Nexiq 2 is the future.


Nexiq 1 is discontinued. no more updates but for most people it will still work just fine.

Nexiq 2 is the current model and has more future potential than what the Nexiq 1 could do.


Cables for each are different so they are not interchangeable. When ordering, you should make sure you get 3 different cables. The standard 6/9 pin y-cable with the green connector on the 9 pin plug so you can communicate to the newer 500k baud network. A standard OBD II cable and an OBD II Cat cable to talk to Caterpillar engines in GM trucks. If you need to communicate to trailer ABS, you will also need a PLC adapter.


Do you recommend wifi or bluetooth?

Both will work off bluetooth but I find bluetooth very slow. It’s faster and easier just to use a cable to connect to the laptop. The cable is a standard USB “printer” cable. I like using a 5 meter cable so I can move the laptop out of the truck is I have to. There are times I’ve used the laptop on the other side of the truck and even under the truck. The long cable makes it easier. Occasionally, I’ll use bluetooth.