Free download Renault Clip V179 / V180 for RLT clone & Nissan consult 3

Free download Renault Clip V179 / V180 to work on RLT2002 clone & Nissan consult 3 (Renault Alliance VI).


Free download Renault CAN Clip 180:!dRRDUC4C!CghM2uBlbecsmogoeg4ByA


Renault Can Clip v178 Test 100% work


Year / Release date : 2018

Version : 180

System requirements : X86

Language : Multilanguage


Description : Program for the diagnose of electronic systems of cars Renault, Dacia. It is put as an update. Before installing from scratch, apply Crack Renault CLIP.reg from the Activation folder.


Both Nissan consult 3 & clone RLT2002 proble are tested working fine.



To use RLT2002 probe you need to do a small “cook” to use it.

Alliance VI (known as Nissan Consult 3) is working no matter you use it the software w/ or w/o the “cook”

The “cook”:

Replace file at “CLIP_X91 \ Lib \ Application \ AA_VIMISelection.dll” from the version v178.

AA_VIMISelection.dll file for v180 fix:!4NQQCQZI!ZfMkbfLIwwA-PD0fo8FQ9A2ASIWk0xCrZgNAtytK2x4

Same as for CAN CLIP v179 below.


Free download Renault CLiP Version V179!1KZjQSBQ!kidymLJi8ojBTp6XYqjOeeaOC4Hu7QBhfPobsK1A8z4

Full Multilanguage

Archive pack file (.iso) on Mega

Not working on Windows XP, only latest OS’s versions.

Windows 7 32bits is fine


Both Nissan consult 3 & clone RLT2002 proble are tested working fine. Not work with Nissan Consult3+ (Alliance VI2)



Seeing is believing, here good quality of clone RLT2002 proble packages and board:


sp19-a-renault-can-clip-pcb-1 sp19-a-renault-can-clip-pcb-2


Renault CAN Clip 178:

So far, most users still use Renault CAN Clip 178 because they think it is stable and feel no need to have the very latest version of diagnostic software. If you are working on this years cars you are probably a main dealer, in which case you are using latest genuine VCI’s.


Some of the above-mentioned users prefer to Can clip V178 from here:

can-clip-v178-01 renault-can-clip-v178-02