Free Download Op-com Can OBD2 FW 1.64 Opel Diagnostic Tool

Several days ago I got an error with my OPCOM 2012V Opel diagnostic tool, when I asked help on the forum, I found a nice friend shared the latest op-com FW 1.64, I have not tried yet because my opcom error has not solved, I write down processes, hope these helps.


Free download Opcom diagnostic tool FW 1.64:!CB91DAAL!fCPUZCimVAWcZlhdVpc31wIR0sL837iC4rbGl7WlKyU

Notice: Do not forget, I can’t take responsibility — all manipulations with the device you are doing at your own risk! 

 OPCOM VAUX-COM 120309a Windows 7 32bit

 How to install OP-COM OPCOM FTDI CDM Drivers


See the presence of the chip. There must be a [PIC18F458]. If there has a [OP-COM] chip then do nothing. You will get a 100% dead of OP-COM



An example, Instead PIC18F458 chip is OP-COM chip, so it can’t be reflashed.



Seen that the chip is PIC18F458, then go to the next step.

Connect OP-COM to the laptop

Then unzip [VAUX-COM_120309a + 131223d_GB + OcFlash China] file to desktop and Run the program [VAUXCOM.exe] to verify the correct installation of the drivers

->Click Settings

->Click Test interface

It means that the driver installed properly if the interface appear here. (pictures shown below)


Download the firmware and run the program [OCFlash.exe]


Specify the path to the [FW 1.64.hex]

Run the Test interface again and check that the OP-Com updated to version 1.64

You can now use the program [VAUXCOM.exe]



Vehicle model until 2015

Op-com-FW-1.64-Opel-Diagnostic-Tool-06 Op-com-FW-1.64-Opel-Diagnostic-Tool-07



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