Free download KTM Bench Wiring Diagram + Software + Driver

Topic: Free download KTM Bench wiring diagram + software + driver, 2 tips of using KTM Bench, pros of using KTM Bench to read the ECU data without dismantling the ECU box.


Free download KTM Bench wiring diagram + software + driver :!B9oTQahI!HNlNhOuMYmYghLlLyCSECV6GyLbDJLg8wTZrv1J2m10

Password: No need

Security: 100% safe

Tokens: No need


Do’s and don’ts:

Don’t connect the computer network.

Don’t update the KTM Bench software

Otherwise the machine is locked and needs to repair.


The engineer teaches you how to properly use KTM Bench to read write the ECU data? There are 2 tips to follow:


First come with the connection of KTM Bench to the computer and the ECU.



Tip 1.

Choosing the ECU type and the CPU chip type to view the wiring diagram and read the ECU data.

Without dismantling the ECU, ktm bench pcmflash 1.99 can read all [71] ECU data by connecting to the GPT0 and GPT1 cable.

Take an example, you remove one edc17 c54 ECU box from the car, then the CPU is tc1797, you can refer to ktm bench wiring diagram to connect the ECU by connecting GPT0 and GPT1 cables, then choose the option 1797 cpu.

ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-reads-sid208-ecu-data-02 ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-reads-sid208-ecu-data-03 ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-reads-sid208-ecu-data-04 ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-reads-sid208-ecu-data-05


Tip 2:

As for [53] ECU reading and writing, the ecu needs to be dismantled and connect the boot point, which is as the same as ktmflash. Please read the password first, then choose “read the data”.

ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-reads-sid208-ecu-data-06 ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-reads-sid208-ecu-data-07


Pros of reading the ECU data without dismantling the ECU:

1). Easy to operate and save time up to 5-10 minutes.

Usually one professional will spend more than 20minutes to dismantle the ECU and even more than 1 hour, if unlucky the box may be damaged during dismantling.


2) Dismantling the ECU may damage the original ECU sealing condition.


3) After dismantling the ECU, the boot must be connected.


4) After reading out the data, it needs to reseal ecu.


Overview of KTM Bench programmer wiring diagram:

ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-reads-sid208-ecu-data-08 ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-reads-sid208-ecu-data-09 ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-reads-sid208-ecu-data-10 ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-reads-sid208-ecu-data-11 ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-reads-sid208-ecu-data-12 ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-reads-sid208-ecu-data-13 ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-reads-sid208-ecu-data-14 ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-reads-sid208-ecu-data-15 ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-reads-sid208-ecu-data-16 ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-reads-sid208-ecu-data-17 ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-reads-sid208-ecu-data-18 ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-reads-sid208-ecu-data-19 ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-reads-sid208-ecu-data-20