Four steps Solve Error “FF” XPROG-M Read E46 M35080

Several days ago when I used XPROG-M V5.55 to read BMW E46 M35080 EEPROM, I got error ”FF”, the interface of error shown below:


Then I asked helps on the forum and a nice friend taught me that take the cluster apart and solder directly to pins of M35080. I tried to do this but still get the same results, it still filled with “FF FF”.

Then I contact uobdii engineer and offered me the solution below.



Step1, take apart the old 8 wires harness and reset with new ones and soldering it as it should be.





Step2, connect brass pins and connect the 8 wires to the corresponding rabbets on the 16 pin connector so that the pins can be distinguished between the M35080 EEPROM and the XPROG-M special programming board.

XPROG-M-error-ff-5 XPROG-M-error-ff-6


Step3, in XPROG-M interface, select E46 M35080 (not E46 Bosch M35080) — that is why the read pop out with incorrect VIN or other data. Save the original file on the M35080 EEPROM and then edit that bin file and save it with another name. Erase the M35080 and load the original file that is edited.


Step4, write the new file to the M35080 and do a new read.


Finally, I have solved the error according to four steps.


One of our customer friends sent email to ask:Xprog 5.5.1 fix xprog-m 5.0 software error and authorization error  click to get skill.