Fiat Stilo IAW 5NF decode programming by xprog



I’m try to find some cheap tool for decoding (make to virgin) Fiat Stilo IAW 5NF.T9 Marelli ECU. I don’t want to pull the PCB out, don’t want to drill a hole and I think it’s impossible to read from back side, because of the PCB wiring.

So I don’t want to buy carprog, I’m searching for cheaper.

Other question: is somebody tried to read / write the Motorola processor by Xprog or something else in this kind of ECU? Is it working? The processor type is: MC68F375BGMZP33 (8J28H)


Step 1: Remove HW.102

Step 2: Combine the two points.

If you are interest in Xprog-M,you can read below article:

XPROG-M Programmer V5.5 Diagnostic Result