Emgrand 9s12 mileage correction using CG100 PROG III

To have Emgrand 9s12 mileage correction, I use CG100 PROG III. The old value is 30097KM, and the new value is 130193KM.

Here we go.

Attach pictures:


Connect  CG100 PROG III main unit to BDM+4 adapter and then to the dashboard of Emgrand 9s12.

emgrand-9s12-mileage-correction-using-cg100-prog-iii-01 emgrand-9s12-mileage-correction-using-cg100-prog-iii-02

Backup the data


Old value



New value


This is just a general procedure on Emgrand 9s12 mileage correction using CG100 PROG III.

Have one CG100 PROG III, you may understand it more clearly.