How to do adblue off by Daf vci lite working together with DEVKIT?

Daf vci lite has same functionality as vci560. Can reflash and reconfigure any ecu thatvci560 can. So yes, it can work with DEVKIT for adblue off.

Ps: DEVKIT is not included in the Daf vci lite package.


Here step-by-step procedure on how to use DEVIK V1. to remove Adblue:

Wait for startup windows

Insert VIN and Press “Find” Button.


Now press “GO ON” button.


Run Davie and Reprogram DMCI and VIC.

run-davie-03 run-davie-04dmci-05dmci-06dmci-07dmci-08

VCI3 ECU information



VCI3 calibration


VCI3 parameterization


Close Devik


Turn off ignition and remove fuse E357


Open davie to read DTC in DMCI and VIC, then save error data and reset the errors.

open-davie-12 erase-dmci-and-vic-14

Finally Adblue is off and errors are gone!