Condor XC-009 key cutting machine for single-sided key & double-sided key

Condor XC-009 key cutting machine will launch in April 5, 2018 Orlando, USA – Just Cars Auto Expo.

Condor XC-009 key cutting machine is designed to cut the single-sided key & double-sided key. It weights only 10KG(22LB), which is very easy to take.

Condor XC-009 Features:

The first horizontal cutting machine

Lighter weight, about ten kilograms, easier to take out

Two configurations with multiple options

Built-in lithium battery lasts longer

Four directions fixture to switch freely

Better design with more beautiful outlook

Excellent material


Attach several images:

Condor-xc-009 condor-xc-009-key-cutting-machine-02 condor-xc-009-key-cutting-machine-01 Condor-xc-009-03 Condor-xc-009-02


Condor XC-009 cuts the civilian key successfully:


Now, do you have a good impression on Condor XC-009 key cutting machine? More details will be updated……


Condor XC-009 will be available in the middle or the end of May, 2018.

If you have great interest in Condor XC-009, please contact:



Whatsapp: +86-13995696053

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