EDC15 EDC16 EDC17 Read and Write

April 8, 2016 sales 0

I have an old KWP2000 plus, it can only read and write ECU type EDC15, and can´t read/write to EDC16, EDC17. Then one day to visit a friend Mike, he had a MPPS v16 version, he said he bought …

kess v2 ecu chip tuning tool 01

How to solve KESS V2 Wake up error?

April 5, 2016 sales 0

If you get “Wake up error” when running Kess v2, please format the TF card firstly and then copy the whole software again back to TF card, finally to reflashing the CPU program.

BMW EWS emulator connection E36 318

March 27, 2016 sales 0

User want to IMMO off BMW 318i e36 with ECU number 0261203667 1432763, M44 engine, BMW EWS emulator can do it, then how to connect a BMW EWS emulator and get the ISN? Go on reading the post.