CAR FANS C800 Diesel & Gasoline diagnostic tool manual: car list,update, download

Here we go for CAR FANS C800 everything that you want to know including manufacture, hardware, diagnostics & advanced functions, software update, download, how to use etc..


  1. Who make CAR FANS C800? Is it reliable?

CAR FANS C800 is made by the same factory as BMW ICOM series. As know, BMW ICOM is well-known for what it can do and quality.


  1. CAR FANS C800 Hardware

CAR FANS C800 is a tablet with 7″ touch screen, it has Android system and runs fast.



CAR FANS C800 comes with many parts and adapters in order to access to a wide range of diesel & gasoline vehicles:

Car fans C800 package list
Material name Order No. Number
Power extension cord 301000001 1
Battery clip supply line 301000002 1
Cigarette lighter supply line 301000003 1
SD card 301000004 1
SD card reader 301000005 1
Test extension cord (with OBD connector) 301000006 1
Power adapter kit 301000007 1
C800 device 201000001 1
C800 carry case 30100000 1
OBD16PIN Circular adaptor 301000009 1
CUMMINS-9 301000010 1
IVECO-38 301000011 1
BENZ-14 301000012 1
KOMATSU-12 401000015 1
VOLVO-14 401000016 1
VOLVO-8 301000017 1
CAT-9 301000020 1
Multi-function jumper adaptor 301000022 1
C800 user manual 301000023 1
Car fans C800 adapters
Material name Order No.
CUMMINS-6 401000002
MITSUBSHI-12+16 401000003
DENSO-12 401000004
WIT-3 401000005
ISUZU-20 401000006
HITACHI-6 401000007
HITACHI-4 401000008
MAN-37 401000010
MAN-12 401000011
RENAULT-12 401000012




  1. CAR FANS C800download:

CAR FANS C800 user manual

CAR FANS C800 car list

CAR FANS C800 software update procedure 

CAR FANS C800 for sale


  1. CAR FANS C800 diagnostics & advanced functions

1) CAR FANS C800 diagnostics functions:


Read Fault code…work

Erase Fault code…work

Actual Values…work



2) CAR FANS C800 advance Functions:


Function Test…work

Special function…work

calibration …work



Specific functions will be different according to different models of the brand and the system.


For example :diesel fuel injector code, idle speed adjustment, broken cylinder test, calibration and so on.

car-fans-c800-heavy-duty-tool-machinery-list-04 car-fans-c800-heavy-duty-tool-advanced-function-02 car-fans-c800-heavy-duty-tool-advanced-function-03

For details, you can read the CAR FANS C800 user manual.

  1. CAR FANS C800 car list

Generally speaking, CAR FANS C800 can work with both Diesel & Gasoline vehicles. You must read the car list before purchasing.

CAR FANS C800 car list

Which is very informative listing all makes / ECU types that C800 can work with.


Attach some car makes of diagnostic for your reference.

car-fans-c800-diagnostic-commercial-vehicle-list-01 car-fans-c800-diagnostic-engine-ecu-list-03 car-fans-c800-diagnostic-passenger-vehicle-list-02 car-fans-c800-heavy-duty-tool-machinery-list-04


  1. CAR FANS C800 software update

It is very easy to update CAR FANS C800 software online ( in 3 steps.

Here procedure to follow:

CAR FANS C800 software update procedure


  1. Warranty

Generally speaking, one year warranty.


  1. Where to buy CAR FANS C800? Who is reliable?

I think seller is highly recommended because it is reliable.


To sum up

CAR FANS C800 offers perfect solution to Diesel & Gasoline vehicles. It is a must-to-have tool for the garage.