BMW ISTA P import an enabling code (FSC)

It’s a customer solution of how to import an an enabling FSC code, using ISTA/P bmw programming software.



– ZIP archive file with:

  • release code (FSC) file (.xml)

e.g., FZ38042_00020001.xml

  • certificate file (.der)

e.g., FZ38042_00020001.der

– Media to copy the files on

  • USB stick (recommended)
  • CD-ROM media and CD/DVD burner
  • Floppy disc


Important Notes

  1. This import function neither writes the code to the vehicle

nor activates the associated function in the vehicle.

The activation will be requested during the measures plan


  1. When using a USB stick ensure, that it’s formatted as a

removable disc (usually default format). Otherwise the stick

will not be recognized by ISTA/P.

  1. The FSC file (.xml) AND the certificate file (.der) need to be

extracted on the media.

Do not copy the ZIP archive file on the media.


Here are the details of importing an enabling FCS code…

Steps 1 -Select Data management on the ISTA/P start screen


Step 2

1) Select Import activation code.

2) Click on Import.


Step 3 Insert the media (e.g., USB stick) in the ISSS and click on OK


Step 4

1) Select the VIN.

2) Check that the Certificate is present. If the Certificate column reads not fitted, the .der file is missing on the media and activation is not possible!

3) Click on Start Import.


Enabling codes imported!


Note: special thanks to snypertje at


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