BMW ICOM don’t recognize ignition KL15, how to solve?

Problem: ICOM don’t recognize ignition KL15 I bought from you BMW ICOMA2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool, but I have problem.
The ICOM don’t recognize ignition KL15 when I want to connect to BMW cars made after 2007.See attached image – KL15 is 0.0 V
Where is the problem? ICOM is wrong? Be sent to the complaint? Or thewhole software settings? This issue is urgent, please help and solutions.
Thank you.

We solved finally, read solution as follows
we searched for the problem over the weekend. And we solved it! Your ICOM is OK. But Slovak BMW dealer lied users – on purpose breaking original connector for diagnosis (2 interrupt pins), and a side compartment under the plastic cover placed right connector! (diagnostics do not know nobody, only they can).
This problem can have another, your customers, and so I send you pictures where the correct connector.