FAQ about IKEYCUTTER Condor XC007

April 22, 2016 uobdii 0

Q: Hi, there. Does IKEYCUTTER Condor XC007 Master have an original password? I want to check the key cutting history on my Condor XC007 Master, but then a window pops up, asking for…

How to select Car HUD for your car?

April 21, 2016 uobdii 0

How about select a Car HUD to show you vehicle current speed, rotation speed, water temperature, battery voltage, tips for shifting gear, fuel consumption, unit of kilometers, and buzzer mark.

My experience with elm327 WIFI

April 18, 2016 uobdii 0

Once I played with an OBD2 connector, ELM327, which can see various datas from the computer of the car via smart phones, iphone, ipad and ipod…