1998 BMW 323i Engine Won’t Turn Over At ALL

March 22, 2016 sales 0

Question: Hello, I have a 1998 323i convertible that suddenly won’t turn over at all when the ignition switch is turned on, just silence. All the other electrical systems are working fine. As for a possible …

How Remove BMW Body Anti-theft System

March 20, 2016 sales 0

As we all know, most of the BMW cars with journey control unit have Body anti-theft system. When the driver leaves, he just fills in the passwords that he set, and the car will prevent from stealing…

100% working ADBLUE module TESTED!!!

March 19, 2016 sales 0

I have a very good truck ADBLUE emulator module. This one working 100% and is tested by myself.
Install time is 20min. and if you know a little bit about trucks you can do it in 10 maybe.