AK500+ VMware Download Free for NEC/IR Write

I’ve updated my AK500+ key programming software VMWARE for better function.
https://mega.nz/#!Sk9EDSDI!wfSzkVWr2rJ_FFhzKse-PmMkeEkzqfvAimFdT1xw854 (credits to narkeleptk)

This is stand alone ak500+ in windows XP.

VM is set in non-persistent mode so if you need to make changes you will need to turn that off. I like to leave it on myself.

Description: Ak500+ is a pia to get working so here is a vm i fixed up.

also included:
-SKC 1v06
-MB NEC KEY PROG (gold box)

OS: XP SP3 black edition. made in vmware10 for vmware10.

Password: Not required


Recommend: I do not recommend installing anything else as it likes to cause trouble with IR key write program.


All tested….
I have 3 different laptops that still do not work with the NEC/IR write software. This vmware may or may not help. Many cases with IR/nec write not working is because USB/driver issues on your pc but Hopefully it will work. just make sure to use a good usb cable .

So far its 3/5 from my testings.


Nec gold box is working great on every machine tho so I’m thinking its something to do with the usb drivers for AK500 key programmer. Gold Box uses same program but different drivers.

Also, sometimes when running the nec/ir write software from ak you will get HARDWARE FAILED. Try to select the port a few times and it can go through.


Note: MCU verify error


Usually when that happened to me it was becausse poor usb cable sobif youbget them when writing new nec keys make sure youbtry better cables