$888 to get TM100 key programmer full (50% OFF)

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TM100 key programmer

Tango key programmer price: $888 (50% off)




TM100 key programmer full version:

Tango key programmer full comes with 62 modules and supports all key lost

Download Files:


TM100 key programmer software download:

tm100 software v3.38:


TM100 installation package above is v3.38 tango key programmer software download

Update TM100 to v3.40 online after v3.38 installation



Tango transponder programmer BMW:

This full Tango key coder supports CAS1,CAS2,CAS3,CAS3+, CAS4, CAS4+ to program keys, read data of BMW airbag/dashboard/immo…


TM100 key programmer for BMW.pdf

BMW CAS4, CAS4+ are available in TM100 v3.40:

view immo information of CAS4, CAS4+:

Select keymaker for BMW CAS4, CAS4+ 5M48H

->load immo dump file

->click button Immo Info


Tango key coder for BMW CAS4, CAS4+.pdf



Tango key programmer manual: